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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Me And The Colonel (1958)

After fleeing the Nazis from Poland then Vienna then Czechoslovakia, a Jewish refugee (Danny Kaye) in Paris finds he must flee once again as the Nazis approach the French capital. Circumstances force him to flee accompanied by a Polish colonel (Curt Jurgens) wanted by the Nazis and who has strong anti-Semitic feelings. Based on a play by Franz Werfel (SONG OF BERNADETTE), the film is a drama laced with subtle portions of humor. It's probably the most dramatic role Kaye had and he's quite good. So restrained, in fact, that this might be the perfect film for those who dislike his usual frenetic acting. Kaye has a wonderful scene with Nicole Maurey as Jurgens' lover that's beautifully played out. His performance is in sharp contrast to the cartoonish one note performance of Curt Jurgens, normally a fine actor in his own right. The director Peter Glenville (BECKET) neatly balances the humorous aspects of the story without short changing its serious situation, the underscore by George Duning (PICNIC) is a great help in this respect. With Akim Tamiroff, Francoise Rosay, Liliane Montevecchi, Martita Hunt, Alexander Scourby and Celia Lovsky.

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