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Monday, April 22, 2013

This Woman Is Dangerous (1952)

The ex-convict mistress (Joan Crawford) of a jealously obsessive thug (David Brian) discovers she is going blind. When she goes away for an operation to save her sight, her doctor (Dennis Morgan) falls in love with her without knowing her criminal past. This ridiculous potboiler was Crawford's final film at Warners and she allegedly considered it the worst film she ever made. Crawford in a bad movie can be fun when she's evil and bitchy but heaven help us when we get Crawford quietly suffering. This is the kind of film where Crawford paces the floor in chiffon while wringing her hands saying stuff like "Can't you see we're just tormenting ourselves?". Poor David Brian fares worst of all as the gun wielding wacko mobster who busts into a surgery room demanding to know which of the surgeons is Crawford's lover! Could the director Felix E. Feist (DONOVAN'S BRAIN) have done anything to save it? Could anyone? With Philip Carey, Mari Aldon, Ian MacDonald, Richard Webb, Katherine Warren, Douglas Fowley and Sherry Jackson.

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