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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yellow Submarine (1968)

80,000 leagues under the sea, the citizens of the country of Pepperland lead an idyllic existence where music and love dominate. But when they are attacked by the blue meanies, who hate music, they are turned to stone by the apple bonkers and it's up to Old Fred to escape in the yellow submarine and travel to Liverpool where he persuades The Beatles to return with him and restore Pepperland to its former state. One of the most visually striking animated films ever made, one doesn't need to be a Beatles fan to appreciate the adventurous Pop Art animation, the droll puns and visual jests but it's a double treat if you are. The animated interpretations of some of the Beatles' songs are so arresting that don't be surprised that when you hear the songs again, the film's images are conjured up all over again, notably Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Eleanor Rigby. The film features 16 songs by the Beatles and there's a lovely underscore by an uncredited George Martin. Directed by George Dunning. The Beatles themselves are voiced by other actors in the animation sequences but pop in during the closing credits.

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