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Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Brigitte (1965)

A poet (James Stewart) is disturbed that his 10 year old son (Billy Mumy LOST IN SPACE) has no artistic or creative talent whatsoever. Instead, the kid turns out to be a mathematics prodigy! The precocious child is also obsessed with the French actress, Brigitte Bardot. This trifling excuse for a comedy is based on the novel ERASMUS WITH FRECKLES by John Haase and one would hope the book (I've not read it) offered more substance than this empty shell. I only laughed once during the film and I suppose I should be grateful even for that. The movie limps along without a clear destination and rather than end, simply expires. How does one critique a film like this when there's nothing concrete enough to discuss? Stewart is at his worst, his mannerisms intensified to the point of parody. But to be fair, the entire cast is adrift. Directed by Henry Koster (THE ROBE). The cast includes Glynis Johns, Ed Wynn (whose character has no function in the film except to talk to the audience), Fabian, John Williams, Jack Kruschen, Cindy Carol, Alice Pearce, Jesse White and as herself, Brigitte Bardot.

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