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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Revenge (1971)

After the police release the chief suspect (Kenneth Griffith) in the rape and murder of his young daughter, a barkeep (James Booth, ZULU) kidnaps him and holds him a prisoner in his cellar with the intention of getting him to confess to the crime. But everything that could go wrong ..... does. Pedophilia is an unpleasant subject no matter what the circumstances but when it's exploited for a tawdry entertainment as it is here, one begins to feel unclean just watching it. Oh, it's undeniably effective but you want to jump into a hot bath and scrub yourself raw after it's over. The film makers are hardly subtle in their casting of the child molester, he may as well have had "Pedophile" tattooed on his forehead for their lack of refinement. As played by Griffith, he looks like a creepy, smelly troll so that I'm surprised they didn't give him a hunchback too! Released in the U.S. under the odd title of INN OF THE FRIGHTENED PEOPLE. Directed by Sidney Hayers (BURN WITCH BURN). With Joan Collins as Booth's trampy wife, Sinead Cusack and Tom Marshall.

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