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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shatter (1974)

After he assassinates an East African dictator (Yemi Ajibade), a hitman (Stuart Whitman, looking tired) arrives in Hong Kong to collect his $100,000 payment. Instead, he finds himself the victim of a double cross. The assassination was not for political motives but mercenary ones and the syndicate that hired him plan to make him the fall guy. The hitman, with the assistance of a Kung Fu master (Lung Ti, John Woo's A BETTER TOMORROW), carefully plots his revenge. This sloppy mixture of vendetta thriller and Kung Fu action seems hastily pasted together. The Hong Kong locations are nice to look at and have some ambience but the Kung Fu choreography isn't particularly exciting and the plot line is often confusing. The film was started by Monte Hellman (TWO LANE BLACKTOP) but he was fired after three weeks and the producer Michael Carreras (PREHISTORIC WOMEN) took over the directorial reins which might account for the slapdash feel. The cheesy 70s score is by David Lindup. With Peter Cushing, Anton Diffring and pretty Lily Li providing the romantic interest.

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