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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Lone Gun (1954)

A stranger (George Montgomery) in town is hired as a sheriff by the town's mayor (Fay Roope) because of a series of cattle rustling. But when push comes to shove, the new Marshal finds that he has no one but himself to stand up to the outlaws. This run of the mill "B" western doesn't have much to offer than the usual western fare. Fist fights, gunfights, stand offs, gamblers, horses, beautiful vistas, an upright sheriff, a pretty gal in gingham and a happy ending. The most interesting character in the film is the amiable gambler played by the reliable character actor, Frank Faylen (THE LOST WEEKEND), who's framed for murder. He's the only one in the film who's not a stock character and the one character you're hoping nothing bad happens to. Directed by Ray Nazarro. With a brunette Dorothy Malone who has nothing to do but look fetching and Neville Brand, Robert J. Wilke and Douglas Kennedy as the bad guys.

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