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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sea Fury (1958)

Set in a small coastal village in Spain, an aging tugboat captain (Victor McLaglen in his final film role) falls in love with a much younger local girl (Luciana Paluzzi). But her heart belongs to the first mate (Stanley Baker) on the captain's ship. Directed by Cy Endfield (ZULU), this colorful (though it's actually shot in B&W) romantic adventure is the usual love triangle with a May/December twist. As such, it's moderately entertaining. But where it really shines is in the film's tension packed finale as Baker attempts to dump some explosives aboard a salvaged ship into the sea before they blow up. The film has a nice feel for the competitive, and often dangerous, life of tugboat operators racing to get to the salvage before the competition. McLaglen acquits himself well in his final role though he looks quite tired while the charming Paluzzi and rugged Baker make for an attractive teaming. With Robert Shaw, Gregoire Aslan, Percy Herbert and Barry Foster.

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