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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Time Travelers (1964)

A group of scientists are developing a monitor that will see into the future. What they get instead is an actual portal 107 years into the future! When they enter the portal, they find an Earth decimated by nuclear war with mutants living on the surface and the few surviving "normal" humans inhabiting underground caves. This hybrid between WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE and QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE is a rather earnest but dull affair with a cast of mature actors whose careers were pretty much over. Cheesy it might be but it has none of the fun of those silly but entertaining "B" sci-fi films. For a sci-fi film, it's hopelessly unimaginative where the future is concerned, the women still wear the same bouffant hair-dos they wore in 1964! The characters are the usual bunch of sci-fi cliches. The old and wise scientist (Preston Foster), the young and adventurous scientist (Philip Carey), the pretty lab assistant (Merry Anders), the comic relief (Steve Franken), the wise ruler (John Hoyt) who welcomes the travelers, the younger council member (Dennis Patrick) who distrusts them, etc. Reputedly the influence for the TV series THE TIME TUNNEL. Directed by Ib Melchior (THE ANGRY RED PLANET). With Joan Woodbury and Delores Wells.

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