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Friday, December 20, 2013

Cast A Long Shadow (1959)

A bitter saddle tramp (Audie Murphy) inherits a massive ranch from an iron fisted land baron who might have been his father. He wants nothing to do with the ranch and agrees to sell it to the ranch's employees for $20,000. But the town's resentment toward him and their arrogant attitude changes his mind and he decides to keep the ranch and keep the workers under his thumb as firmly as their former employer did. So many routine westerns were ground out during the 1950s that a few sleepers slipped under the radar and never got their due. At first, I thought this might have been one of them. The premise is strong and promises something special and for the first half it delivers before squandering into a conventional cattle drive western from which it never recovers. Directed by Thomas Carr, Gerald Fried did the generic underscore. With Terry Moore as the love interest, John Dehner, James Best, Rita Lynn, Ann Doran and Denver Pyle.

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