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Monday, December 30, 2013

Triple Cross (1966)

During WWII, an expert English safecracker (Christopher Plummer) is in prison on the isle of Jersey when the Germans invade the island. In order to get released, he offers to spy for the Nazis. When they smuggle him into England to blow up a factory, he then contacts the British and offers to spy on the Germans if they give him a pardon. The Brits agree to his demands and send him back to Germany but ..... just whose side is he really on? The film is based on a real person by the name of Eddie Chapman who was considered Germany's no. 1 spy in Great Britain while, in fact, working as a double agent for the British. The movie takes a great deal of dramatic license in altering facts to make the film more exciting so inspired by rather based on would seem to be a more appropriate description. As to the film itself, it's a fairly conventional WWII action flick of the WHERE EAGLES DARE variety though not as polished or coherent. There was always something rather chilly about Plummer which is why he never became a major star and as an action hero, he's no Roger Moore. Still, you won't be bored. Directed by Terence Young (DR. NO). With Yul Brynner, Romy Schneider, Trevor Howard, Claudine Auger and Gert Frobe.

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