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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Storm In A Teacup (1937)

A reporter (Rex Harrison) is assigned to interview a Scottish politician (Cecil Parker) who is running for Parliament. When the politician rudely kicks a poor woman (Sara Allgood) out of his house when she attempts to plea for her dog (Scruffy) to be saved from extermination, the reporter's subsequent article causes a scandal which grows ... well, like a storm in a teacup. It only complicates matters when the reporter is attracted to the politician's daughter (Vivien Leigh). This slight comedy is quite daffy but it has a sweetness about it that's quite charming. The satire is evenly aimed at both the pompous politician and the frenetic dog lovers. Harrison and Leigh are not quite the stars (or actors) they would later become and Leigh, in particular, is wasted in a standard ingenue role. Fluff but of interest in seeing its two leading players so early in their careers. Co-directed by Ian Dalrymple and Victor Saville. With Ursula Jeans and Gus McNaughton.

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