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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sundown (1941)

As the war begins in Europe, a small outpost in Kenya under the command of a sparse group of British military attempts to find out how guns are being smuggled to the natives in the hopes they'll drive the British out. When a beautiful half caste (Gene Tierney) arrives at the outpost, things begin to heat up. For the most part, this minor war action film avoids the propaganda aspects of many films of its era. At least until the very end when it's laid on thickly with a trowel. It's the kind of forgettable programmer where about halfway through the movie you suddenly realize you've seen it before! As the Arab maiden, Tierney was in exotic mode during this phase of her career. She would follow this with another half caste (SHANGHAI GESTURE), Polynesian (SON OF FURY) and Eurasian (CHINA GIRL) before LAURA rescued her. Directed by Henry Hathaway (TRUE GRIT), the film garnered three Oscar nominations including one for Miklos Rozsa's score. With George Sanders, Bruce Cabot, Reginald Gardiner, Joseph Calleia, Harry Carey, Marc Lawrence and Dorothy Dandridge.

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