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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ants! (1977)

When two construction workers are found unconscious in a deep pit at a lakeside hotel undergoing reconstruction, they are taken to a hosptial where one of them dies. Later the hotel's chef is found dead in the kitchen and a young boy unconscious after digging in the hotel's dumpster. Could it be ..... killer ants? This silly wannabe "disaster" telefilm treads on Irwin Allen territory. It's really no worse than Allen's killer bee THE SWARM disaster flick which came out the next year but it's certainly duller. I mean they're not even the giant ants of THEM! or EMPIRE OF THE ANTS, they're tiny little black things crawling around, annoying yes but hardly scary. The acting is awful, not even a veteran like Myrna Loy (as the hotel's owner) can survive the tedious script. Everything is substandard all the way down the line. It's not even cheesy fun, just dim. Directed by Robert Scheerer. The second tier cast includes Robert Foxworth, Suzanne Somers, Lynda Day George, Brian Dennehy, Bernie Casey, Anita Gillette and Steve Franken.

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