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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Tin Star (1957)

A well intentioned but incompetent young sheriff (Anthony Perkins) can't maintain control of his small town. When an ex-sheriff turned bounty hunter (Henry Fonda) arrives to collect his money, the sheriff turns to the more experienced man for help and advice. A well regarded western in some quarters probably because Anthony Mann is at the helm, it's well made and enjoyable but that's not necessarily a recommendation. Despite its Oscar nomination for best screenplay, the narrative is predictable in its by the numbers execution and I was always one step ahead of it. An enervated Fonda, no surprise, walks through his part but Perkins is more engaging as the inexperienced sheriff. But don't expect anything fresh or original. Though obviously shot on the Paramount backlot, the camera work by Loyal Griggs (SHANE) has a nice clean look to it. The cast includes Betsy Palmer, Neville Brand, John McIntire, Lee Van Cleef, Michel Ray and Mary Webster (MASTER OF THE WORLD) as Perkins' love interest.

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