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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Midnight (1939)

A penniless showgirl (Claudette Colbert) arrives in Paris looking for her fortune. A Hungarian taxi driver (Don Ameche) is smitten by her but he's too poor for her plans. But when a wealthy gentleman (John Barrymore) offers her a generous amount of money to seduce the gigolo (Francis Lederer) that his wife (Mary Astor) is infatuated with ... she sees her chance and grabs it. This delightful screwball comedy was written by Billy Wilder (not yet a director) and Charles Brackett and directed by Mitchell Leisen. Colbert was always at her best in comedies and this is one of her finest performances. The charmless Ameche isn't bad but his character is a rather obnoxious jerk and Ameche isn't able to overcome that in the way a Cary Grant or James Stewart, actors with a stronger persona might have. The supporting cast is perfect especially John Barrymore (reputedly doing the part off cue cards) who just about steals the film. Euphoric amusement! Also in the cast: Monty Woolley, Hedda Hopper and Rex O'Malley.

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