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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Mystery Of Marie Roget (1942)

In Paris, a famous musical comedy actress (Maria Montez) goes missing and a mutilated body recovered from a river is identified as hers. However, shortly after she reappears refusing to comment where she had been for 10 days. Several days later during a party where she performed, she goes missing again and shortly after another mutilated body is found in the river. But is it her or someone else? Very loosely based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story, the film is barely an hour long which is just as well. I enjoyed it because I'm a pushover for murder mysteries but after awhile it seemed to go round in circles. And I'm still not sure of the killer's motive for the second murder! Definitely a minor Universal programmer directed by Philip Rosen, director of such "classics" as SPOOKS RUN WILD and THE CISCO KID IN OLD NEW MEXICO with Montez seeming like a fish out of water without the exotic trappings of ARABIAN NIGHTS and COBRA WOMAN! With Patric Knowles, Maria Ouspenskaya, Lloyd Corrigan and John Litel.

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