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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prom Night (1980)

When a 10 year old girl (Tammy Bourne) is accidentally killed by falling out of a second story window, four other children who were terrorizing her vow to never mention the incident. Jump to six years later and it's prom night and someone is stalking the four (who are now teenagers) and heads will roll ..... literally! This generic slasher flick was enormously popular when it came out but it's really just a routine and predictable slasher film with a dash of disco. That's not necessarily meant as a negative criticism as the film gives its audience what it wants and it is what it is. The question is ... do you want it? The film seems longer than its running time because it's padded out with red herrings that never pay off. There's also a lame CARRIE subplot ripoff that almost seems like an afterthought. This was at the height of Jamie Lee Curtis's "Scream Queen" career but she really doesn't have all that much to do and she's unflatteringly coiffed and costumed. Even the topbilled Leslie Nielsen (as Curtis' father and the high school principal) is barely in the movie. Among the other actors, only Anne-Marie Martin as the school bitch makes much of an impression. Directed by Paul Lynch. With Antoinette Bower, Casey Stevens, Michael Tough and Joy Thompson.

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