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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Elsa & Fred (2014)

Set in New Orleans, a recently widowed elderly curmudgeon (Christopher Plummer) moves into an apartment because his daughter (Marcia Gay Harden) wants him living closer to her. But the woman next door (Shirley MacLaine), who happens to be a chronic liar, decides to bring him out of his shell and enjoy life. Based on the 2005 Argentinean film ELSA Y FRED, this is the kind of movie that thinks it's cute to have senior citizens behaving like jerks. MacLaine's character is irresponsible and manipulative but we're supposed to find her adorable. She skips out of restaurants without paying the bill, tells lies about grandchildren that don't exist to get money but she listens to rap music so she's cool and full of life! HAROLD AND MAUDE has a lot to answer for! The movie has barely started when you get the feeling that one of them is going to kick the bucket before the movie is over. But before that happens, you know they're going to live, live, live! These aren't real senior citizens, these types only exist in the movies. HAROLD AND MAUDE has a lot to answer for and yes, I know I said that already. The LA DOLCE VITA sequence at the film's end is handled quite nicely, I'll give it that. Directed by Michael Radford (IL POSTINO). With George Segal, James Brolin, Scott Bakula, Chris Noth and Erika Alexander.

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