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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sky Riders (1976)

The wife (Susannah York) and children (Simon Harrison, Stephany Mathews) of a wealthy industrialist (Robert Culp) are kidnapped by terrorists who demand money and weapons in exchange for their safe return. The wife's ex-husband (James Coburn) plots a daring rescue on his own however. This is a "guilty" pleasure, a thrilling action rescue film with plot loopholes that cannot be ignored yet ignoring them is the only way to keep your sanity.  The dialog is mundane, the terrorists inept, the characters cardboard but the air rescue from a Greek monastery is so spectacular that everything else is forgiven. Well, almost. And unless my eyes are terribly mistaken, it looks like James Coburn did a lot of the breathtaking stunt work himself. Three directors of cinematography (Jim Freeman, Greg MacGillivray, Ousama Rawi) are credited so I don't know who is responsible for the stunning aerial shots or gorgeous Greek landscapes. Directed by Douglas Hickox. With Charles Aznavour, John Beck, Zouzou and Ernie Orsatti.

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