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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Other Love (1947)

A world famous concert pianist (Barbara Stanwyck) is diagnosed with a possibly terminal illness and sent to a Swiss sanitarium for rest and treatment. She falls in love with her doctor (David Niven) but confronted with her own mortality, she leaves the sanitarium and runs off to Monte Carlo with a handsome race car driver (Richard Conte). Based on the short story BEYOND by Erich Maria Remarque, this is a decent 1940s soap opera with Stanwyck wasting away in a stylish Edith Head wardrobe while Miklos Rozsa's violins play on the soundtrack. It's what used to (still?) be called a weepie and for what it is, it's predictably entertaining. Stanwyck is one of those actresses who is eminently watchable regardless of the quality of the script and she manages to bring some genuine pathos to her part. Still, it's the kind of thing Douglas Sirk did so much better at Universal (think MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION). Directed by Andre De Toth. With Gilbert Roland, Joan Lorring, Natalie Schafer, Lenore Aubert and Ann Codee.

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