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Monday, September 7, 2015

Adventures Of Captain Fabian (1951)

In 1860 New Orleans, a Creole maid (Micheline Presle) is determined to improve her position in life no matter what it takes. She sets her sights on an aristocrat (Vincent Price) already betrothed to another woman (Zanie Campan). But be careful what you wish for. The title is a misnomer. Not only is the film not about Captain Fabian (Errol Flynn) and his adventures but Flynn is absent from the film for large chunks of time. The film is about Presle's character and her ambitions which ultimately destroy her. Flynn wrote the screenplay himself and the director is producer William Marshall who was married to Presle at the time. It looks like a Hollywood studio back lot picture but it was actually filmed in France in a studio created New Orleans. Outside of a dreadful score by Rene Cloerec and the weak ending, the film isn't bad at all. The film is a period melodrama but I suppose though it really isn't a Flynn movie but with Flynn toplined that they felt they were obligated to give the movie an action finish so we get a flaming finale that demeans what what on before it. With Victor Francen and in a rare poor performance, Agnes Moorehead in brownface.

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