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Friday, September 4, 2015

Invitation To A Gunfighter (1964)

In 1865 New Mexico following the end of the Civil War, a Confederate soldier (George Segal) returns home to the hostile Union town which was home to him only to find that his homestead has been usurped  and sold by the banker (Pat Hingle) who owns the town. To insure the town will be rid of him, the banker hires a gunfighter (Yul Brynner) to kill him. Based on a PLAYHOUSE 90 television episode directed by Arthur Penn with Gilbert Roland and Hugh O'Brian in the Brynner and Segal roles, this potent sleeper of a western deserved a better fate than being unceremoniously dumped by its studio (United Artists) onto the market. I originally saw it as the second half of a double bill when it "opened". It's Brynner's last really good detailed performance and he brings a touching pathos to his so called cold blooded killer. It was produced by Stanley Kramer's production company with some nice cinematography by Joseph MacDonald (THE SAND PEBBLES) and an effective score by David Raksin (LAURA) so it seems it was at least intended as a major release in the beginning. Directed by Richard Wilson. With Janice Rule, Brad Dexter, Strother Martin, Gertrude Flynn and Clifford David.

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