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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Peccato Che Sia Una Canaglia (aka Too Bad She's Bad) (1954)

A taxi driver (Marcello Mastroianni) finds himself the victim of a scam to steal his cab by a beautiful thief (Sophia Loren) and her two accomplices. But her charms have its effect on him and as she and her father (Vittorio De Sica) continue to involve him in their petty larceny, he finds himself both furious with and attracted to her. This amusing Italian version of a screwball comedy is made to seem better than it is by the expert playing and comedic timing of its three leads. De Sica was an old hand at this by this time but even the newcomers Loren and Mastroianni shine as much as he. The director Alessandro Blasetti keeps things popping swiftly till we're near exhaustion. One might quibble why Mastroianni's character continually goes back to Loren after her unlawful ways are ruining his life but it's Sophia Loren ..... who wouldn't put up with a lot just to bask in her presence? Nothing memorable but a chance to see three of Italy's greatest talents together in one film, two of them very early in their career.  

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