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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Diaboliquement Votre (aka Diabolically Yours) (1967)

After waking up from a coma following a car crash, a man (Alain Delon) has amnesia. His beautiful wife (Senta Berger) and his best friend (Sergio Fantoni) help him to get his memory back by providing him with information. But why do his dreams of another life not resemble what he is being told? The cinematic swan song of director Julien Duvivier (PEPE LE MOKO) is a neatly done thriller that might have made for an excellent B&W film noir in the 1940s right down to its code required ending. Based on the novel PERSECUTION MANIA by Louis C. Thomas, this fairly predictable crime thriller doesn't reach Hitchcockian heights but it would have made a solid hour long episode on the ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR. As it is, it's a lightweight effort with an attractive pairing of Delon and Berger at its center. I wouldn't say seek it out but if you run across it, you could do worse.  

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