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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Company Of Wolves (1984)

A young girl (Sarah Patterson) dreams that she is living in a 19th century rural village where the forest is filled with wolves. Her grandmother (Angela Lansbury) tells her that wolves are not always what they seem to be. Based on the short story by Angela Carter who co-wrote the screenplay with director Neil Jordan whose second feature film this is. The film is a horror film in only the subject matter. Using the Charles Perrault's classic story of Little Red Riding Hood as a basis, the film is really about the sexual awakening of a pubescent girl whose erotic fantasies take the form of a fairy tale. The wolves representing the sexuality of the male. The dream contains four short story interludes thus we have a story twice removed from reality. Shot on a tight budget, the film has a lustrous look as Jordan and his cinematographer Bryan Loftus turn a sound stage into a mysterious and dream like wonderland. A very unique film. The highly effective score is by George Fenton. With Terence Stamp, David Warner, Micha  Bergese and Tusse Silberg. 

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