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Friday, January 15, 2016

Merci Docteur Rey (2002)

Set in Paris, the son (Stanislas Merhar) of an American opera singer (Dianne Wiest) is invited by an older man (Simon Callow) he's never met to hide in a closet and watch him have sex with a younger man (Karim Saleh). Meanwhile, a neurotic middle aged actress (Jane Birkin) obsessed with Vanessa Redgrave (who plays herself in the film) is seeing a psychiatrist (Ruth Handlen) to overcome her obsession. Both will have to deal with shocking and unexpected deaths. It's best not to try and make sense of this absurdist black comedy, just sit back and enjoy! It's the kind of screwball comedy where coincidences continue to pile up until your head is spinning. Written and directed by Andrew Litvack, it's both subtly witty and over the top and with Paris as a backdrop, it's easy on the eyes too. Sadly, it's a film that never found an audience, it wasn't even released in the U.S. (it has a little over 400 votes on the IMDb) though it did the film festival circuit. It's a film that cries out "cult movie". If it comes your way, take a chance on it. With Bulle Ogier, Jerry Hall, Vernon Dobtcheff and Didier Flamand.

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