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Friday, February 19, 2016

Down To Earth (1947)

When one of the nine Muses, Terpsichore (Rita Hayworth) gets wind of a Broadway musical that portrays her as a man hungry trollop, she coerces Mr. Jordan (Roland Culver) to let her go down to Earth. He allows her to but for his own reasons. A musical sequel to the 1941 hit HERE COMES MR. JORDAN but utilizing only three of the characters from the previous film. James Gleason and Edward Everett Horton reprise their roles while Culver replaces Claude Rains. DOWN TO EARTH was very loosely remade in 1980 as XANADU but without being credited. Unfortunately for a musical, the songs are a dim bunch but on the plus side there's Jack Cole's wonderful choreography. Then, of course, there's the love goddess herself, Hayworth playing an actual goddess and she's succulent in Technicolor and when she dances, her vivacity adds another layer to her appeal. Alas, she's stuck with Larry Parks as her leading man and he's no Astaire or Kelly. If you're not a fan of Hayworth's, some of the comedic performances (Gleason, Horton) might engage you but otherwise ..... Directorial reins are in the hands of Alexander Hall, who directed the 1941 original. With George Macready, Marc Platt, Dorothy Hart, William Frawley, Jean Willes and Adele Jergens (whose singing voiced is dubbed by Kay Starr).

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