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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Girls Of The White Orchid (aka Death Ride To Osaka) (1983)

A struggling singer (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in L.A. gets an offer to go to Japan to work in a nightclub. She thinks it's a big break but when she gets there, she discovers that she's a victim of a Yakuza scam and that her "singing" duties include sleeping with the club's customers. Directed by Jonathan Kaplan (THE ACCUSED), this was originally shown on NBC as a TV movie under the title GIRLS OF THE WHITE ORCHID. The version I saw was titled DEATH RIDE TO OSAKA and must have been intended for overseas viewing because it contained copious amounts of onscreen nudity not contained in the NBC showing. The film has a rather sleazy and exploitative feel to it. This was still early in Jennifer Jason Leigh's career, she was just coming off of FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, so one can forgive her rather clunky performance as she doesn't get any help from the script. Ann Jillian as an older dancer justifying what she does comes off best. With Mako, Carolyn Seymour, Soon Tek Oh and Richard Narita. 

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