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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Let's Be Happy (1957)

When a young American girl (Vera Ellen in her last film role) inherits some money from her late grandfather, she decides to travel to Scotland where her ancestors are from. Once there, two men compete for her affections: an American businessman (Tony Martin) and an impoverished Scottish Lord (Robert Flemyng). This British musical may be no great shakes but it's surprisingly pleasant. The songs are tolerable, the dance numbers are lively and the scissor legged Vera Ellen manages to squeak by with her acting. Loosely based on the play JEANNIE by Aimee Stuart (previously filmed in 1941 with Michael Redgrave), the film has the advantage of the handsome CinemaScope lensing of Edinburgh and the Scottish countryside by Erwin Hiller (SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN). An amiable diversion but if you're not into musicals, you'll do well enough without it. Directed by Henry Levin (WHERE THE BOYS ARE). With Zena Marshall (DR. NO), Helen Horton and Gordon Jackson.

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