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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Appointment In Honduras (1953)

In 1910 Central America, a plantation owner (Glenn Ford) is assisting the rebels in Honduras by providing a large amount of money to fund their revolution. Unfortunately, he finds himself saddled with a group of unreliable convicts as well as a wealthy American (Zachary Scott) and his wife (Ann Sheridan) as he treks through the jungle to his appointment. Directed by Jacques Tourneur (OUT OF THE PAST), this is a "B" potboiler with an A cast though the careers of both Sheridan and Scott were pretty much on the down slope at this point. It's a routine jungle adventure though Central American rather than African. Joseph Biroc's (BLAZING SADDLES) Technicolor cinematography is nice but some of the special effects (like attacking insects) are truly shoddy. On the plus side, the attraction between Ford and Sheridan is handled well and considering the circumstances, the ending is realistically left open as to their relationship. With Stuart Whitman, Jack Elam and Rodolfo Acosta.

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