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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Dark Half (1993)

A serious novelist (Timothy Hutton) pens lurid thrillers under the pen name of George Stark that make money while his more cerebral books don't sell. When a blackmailer (Robert Joy) threatens to out him, he goes public and puts an end to "George Stark". But when people around him start getting murdered, he becomes the prime suspect and is not believed when he tells them "George Stark" is the killer. Is George Stark his alter ego? Or does George Stark actually exist? Based on the best seller by Stephen King (who wrote books under the pen name of Richard Bachman) and directed by George A. Romero (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD). This is a rather unsavory film and when it's not being unpleasant, it borders on ludicrous. Which is a pity because the premise is quite intriguing. But the execution isn't good enough that we're able to willingly go with a suspension of disbelief. Hutton is really very good in his best performance since ORDINARY PEOPLE but Romero lets him down by not providing a stronger setting for his performance. As his wife, Amy Madigan is wasted and doesn't even get to play the layers that King gave the wife in the novel. With Julie Harris (wasted), Michael Rooker, Beth Grant, Rutanya Alda, Royal Dano and Chelsea Field.   

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