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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Swiss Conspiracy (1976)

After several clients of a Swiss bank have their accounts compromised and are blackmailed, the bank's head (Ray Milland) hires an American (David Janssen) who once worked for the U.S. Treasury but now residing in Switzerland to investigate. Directed by Jack Arnold (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON). In spite of the handsome Swiss locations (primarily Zurich), this theatrical feature film plays out like a TV movie or an episode of THE MAN FROM UNCLE. When the mystery is finally resolved, it's pretty lame. I might have enjoyed it more if the print I saw had been more pristine but it wouldn't have made it a better movie. But to be fair, it was clear that the transfer I saw was sourced from a TV print and cut by about 7 minutes eliminating a love scene with Janssen and Senta Berger for one. Also, whenever a character said a curse word or obscenity, it was blipped out. With Elke Sommer, John Saxon, John Ireland and Anton Diffring.  

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