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Friday, April 14, 2017

Alla Ricerca Del Piacere (aka Amuck) (1972)

A young American girl (Barbara Bouchet) is hired by a writer (Farley Granger) living in Venice, Italy. The writer and his mistress (Rosalba Neri) are part of a swinging sex party set. But the secretary is really there to discover what happened to her friend, the writer's last secretary who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This Italian giallo directed by Silvio Amadio is heavy on the sex and light on the blood. We're treated to a couple of girl on girl sex scenes in slow motion while Bouchet seems to be taking off her clothes at the drop of a hat but the gore is fairly minimal (unless you count the cutting up of an eel). Still, unless you're a prude, it's a fairly entertaining thriller. Granger seems embarrassed being in the movie (in an orgy scene, he's the only one keeping his clothes on) but the fetching Bouchet and Neri throw themselves into the film with complete commitment. The cinematographer Aldo Giordani takes full advantage of the lovely Venetian locations and there's an excellent underscore by Teo Usuelli which sounds slightly Morricone-ish. With Umberto Raho, Nino Segurini and Petar Martinovitch. 

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