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Saturday, April 8, 2017

September Storm (1960)

A drifter (Mark Stevens) convinces a model (Joanne Dru) on vacation in Majorca to talk a young man (Asher Dann), who has access to a boat, into a treasure hunt for a sunken ship with gold doubloons. In spite of some heavyweights behind the camera like director Byron Haskin (WAR OF THE WORLDS), screenwriter W.R. Burnett (THE ASPHALT JUNGLE) and art director Boris Leven (WEST SIDE STORY), this is a rather lackluster action caper. Originally shot in 3D, the majority of theaters showed the "flat" CinemaScope version. The film could have used more of the striking Majorca locations but most of the film is shot on or under the water. I watched the 2D version so without the 3D effects, it's a routine adventure with shark attacks and the men fighting over the woman. For 3D addicts, I imagine the appeal is higher. In fact, the film was restored largely with the help of a kickstarter Go Fund Me account with 3D fans making contributions. With Robert Strauss and Jean Pierre Kerien. 

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