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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Lost City Of Z (2017)

In 1905, the Royal Geological Society assigns a British military man (Charlie Hunnam) to survey the borders of Bolivia and Brazil. But when he discovers evidence of a long lost civilization that might pre-date modern man, it turns into an obsession that will consume him. Based on the non fiction book by David Grann and directed by James Gray (THE IMMIGRANT). Although based on the true story of Percy Fawcett, Gann's book has been attacked for gross exaggerations and inaccuracies. Since I don't go to the movies for history lessons, I took Gray's film, which covers 25 years, on face value. The first 2/3rds of the film are very good. More than very good, in fact excellent. It seemed to be evolving into something very special. Alas, when the film reaches WWI, it stops dead in its tracks and never recovers. Worse still, it meanders into a mystic and sentimental ending that seems to drag on forever! I started to feel angry that it began to ruin the good will that the first 2/3 had built up. The acting is first rate especially Hunnam in his best film role to date. High marks to Christopher Spelman's wonderful Oscar worthy score. With Sienna Miller (who does wonders with the dreaded "wife" role), Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, Franco Nero and Angus Macfadyen, so good in his whimpering selfishness that you want to rip his face off!   

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