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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kiss And Make Up (1934)

A renowned Paris plastic surgeon (Cary Grant) becomes romantically entangled with one of his married clients (Genevieve Tobin). When her husband (Edward Everett Horton) names him as a co-respondent in the divorce, he marries her which he will soon regret. Based on the play KOZMETIKA by Istvan Bekeffy and directed by Harlan Thompson. This minor diversion plays out like a faux Lubitsch or Rene Clair romantic farce with songs but without the style or wit. This being early in his career, Grant isn't quite Cary Grant yet and he's rather wooden and his singing is painful. The musical highlight is a duet between Horton and Helen Mack as Grant's lovelorn secretary singing Corn Beef And Cabbage I Love You! Still, at a brief running time of one hour and ten minutes, it's a painless watch. With Lucien Littlefield, Mona Maris and Julie Bishop. 

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