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Friday, May 10, 2019

The Fuller Brush Girl (1950)

After being fired from her job as a switchboard operator, a young woman (Lucille Ball) decides to try her hand as a Fuller Brush girl. Little did she know that the job would involve her as a suspect in a double murder case. Directed by Lloyd Bacon from an original screenplay by Frank Tashlin. Although Frank Tashlin wouldn't make his feature film directorial debut until two years later, his fingerprints are all over this film. The visual gags, which are the best part of the movie, are pure Tashlin. Ball displays her gifts as a physical comedienne and the film almost seems like a dry run for her I LOVE LUCY series which would debut the following year. There are several laugh out loud moments: the bridge party with the ladies getting home permanents, Ball disguising herself as a burlesque stripper but nothing can save the standard chase finale. Unfortunately, Eddie Albert as Ball's fiance doesn't have her aptitude for physical comedy which leaves Ball to carry the picture. With Red Skelton, Gale Robbins, Carl Benton Reid, Jerome Cowan, Jeff Donnell and Lee Patrick. 

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