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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Queen Of The Amazons (1947)

A woman (Patricia Morison) travels to India in an attempt to locate her fiance (Bruce Edwards) who disappeared while on a safari. With the help of a guide (Robert Lowery), she and her party travel into the depths of the African jungle where a tribe of Amazon women reputedly reside ..... and they don't like strangers! Directed by Edward Finney, this B (or is it C?) bottom half programmer is terribly inept. It's a stagebound Africa crammed with stock footage from other films of the real Africa and a narrator who must fill in the storyline because the film makers were too cheap to shoot the scenes. It's the kind of movie that sent the enormously talented Patricia Morison (toiling in Hollywood for several years) out of Hollywood and to the Broadway stage where she would find great success. I wish I could say it's silly fun but it's just silly. With J. Edward Bromberg, John Miljan and Amira Moustafa as the queen of the title.

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