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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nemesis (1987)

Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) receives an enigmatic letter from a wealthy acquaintance (Frank Gatliff), recently deceased. The letter requests her to find justice on a certain matter but there are no other specific clues or instructions except for a ticket to bus tour of historical English manors. Being Miss Marple, an old brutal murder from the past and a new killing on the tour are connected and it's up to the old girl to put the pieces together. While not one of the classic Agatha Christie concoctions, this is still a fairly gripping psychological piece of suspense. Curiously, Ms. Marple seems a wee bit slow on the uptake here and we always seems a step ahead of her. Still, Hickson is the definitive Ms. Marple and this production stays faithful to the Christie original unlike more recent adaptations which are barely recognizable as a product of Christie's pen. Directed by David Tucker and with fine turns from a trio of actresses: Margaret Tyzack, Helen Cherry and Liz Fraser.

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