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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Poor Little Rich Girl (1987)

The story of millionairess Barbara Hutton (Farrah Fawcett), heiress to the Woolworth fortune, who married princes, barons, counts and movie stars and died with only $3,000 in her bank account at age 66. At a six hour running time, the film becomes tiresome rather quickly. How are we to sympathize with a woman who has millions yet is so self destructive that she almost goes out of her way to marry the worst possible men, lets herself be used by leeches and parasites, was a lousy mother who ignored her son while she traveled the world and went the usual booze and pills route? There's no insight or depth to this unpleasant tale other than the usual "looking for love in all the wrong places because daddy didn't love her" scenario. Though the film spans some 50 years, inexplicably it's only in the film's last half hour where any aging make up is attempted. Directed by Charles Jarrott (ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS) with Richard Rodney Bennett in charge of the scoring. With Stephane Audran, Anne Francis, Burl Ives, Bruce Davison, Fairuza Balk, Kevin McCarthy, Brenda Blethyn, Zoe Wanamaker, Miriam Margolyes, Carolyn Seymour, Linden Ashby, Debbie Barker as Jill St. John (Hutton's daughter in law) and James Read, very inauthentic, as Cary Grant, Hutton's third husband.

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