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Friday, February 27, 2015

Battling For Baby (1992)

Two former childhood friends, a concert pianist (Suzanne Pleshette) and a beautician (Debbie Reynolds), must reconcile their bitter dislike for each other when their children (Courteney Cox, John Terlesky) marry. But when a baby comes along, the feud goes into a no holds barred rivalry. This average family friendly comedy goes through the motions without a trace of originality. You know as the glamorous grandmother (Pleshette) and the homespun grandmother (Reynolds) toss barbs and quips at each other, that they will eventually get to the source of what really broke up their friendship and that a warm and fuzzy happy ending isn't far behind. Any minor (very minor) pleasures to be had come from the expert playing of Pleshette and Reynolds who manage to make the cliches tolerable. These two gals know their way around a quip. Directed by Art Wolff. With Doug McClure and Leigh Lawson.

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