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Monday, February 23, 2015

Son Of Fury (1942)

In 18th century England, the son (Roddy McDowall) of a deceased Baronet is taken by his uncle (George Sanders) and turned into an indentured servant. The man fears that the boy may one day attempt to claim his rightful title of Baronet and to the properties and title his uncle now holds. When the boy grows into manhood (and into Tyrone Power), he escapes to the South Seas where he hopes to make his fortune and return to England to claim his rightful place. Based on the novel BENJAMIN BLAKE by Edison Marshall, this is a relatively well done adventure movie even if it offers nothing beyond an enjoyable hour and a half. This was the kind of movie hokum that Power was tired of making though it would be a few more years before he had more challenging roles in THE RAZOR'S EDGE and NIGHTMARE ALLEY. This was during Gene Tierney's "exotic" period when Fox wasn't quite sure what to do with her and cast her as Eurasians and, as here, Polynesian. Rescue in the form of LAURA would come two years later. The film is also notable as the tragic Frances Farmer's (who plays Sanders' haughty daughter) last film before her mental illness got the better of her and she would not make another film for 16 years. Nicely shot by Arthur Miller (HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY) with Pasadena standing in for the South Seas. Directed by John Cromwell. Also in the cast: John Carradine, Kay Johnson, Harry Davenport, Dudley Digges and a nice turn by Elsa Lanchester as a prostitute.  

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