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Sunday, February 1, 2015

That Touch Of Mink (1962)

An unemployed young lady (Doris Day) meets a millionaire (Cary Grant) when his car splashes mud on her dress during the rain. There's an attraction and they date but while she's interested in marriage, he's definitely not. Doris Day gets a bum rap about being the "eternal virgin" in her movies and fighting off the wolves to keep herself pure. If, in fact, you've actually seen her films, she's an experienced woman who's not a pushover and wants to keep her integrity (not her virginity). That being said, THAT TOUCH OF MINK is the only movie which actually provides ammunition to her detractors. In MINK, she's a 38 year old virgin trying to keep Cary Grant at bay. You have to wonder what she's waiting for and if you have to lose it, Cary Grant is the way to go! Day's character lets him fly her around the world in his private jet and she lets him buy her an entire couture wardrobe and then objects when Grant wants some payback? Still, all that aside, it's hard to resist two of the most winning movie stars of their era at the height of their careers. It's no PILLOW TALK but it has its charms. This lightweight got an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay, go figure. Directed by Delbert Mann (MARTY). With Gig Young, Audrey Meadows, John Astin, John Fiedler and Dick Sargent.

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