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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Harriet Craig (1950)

Harriet Craig (Joan Crawford) is a control freak who insists on controlling every aspect of her and her husband's (Wendell Corey) life from their friends, their home, even his work and their neighbors. Her husband is hopelessly in love with her but how long before he sees her for what she really is? From what we know of the "real" Joan Crawford (was there a real Joan Crawford or was she her own fabrication?), the title role of Harriet Craig comes uncomfortably close to real life. Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play CRAIG'S WIFE by George Kelly (Grace's uncle), this is actually the third film version of the play. Previously done as a silent with Irene Rich in 1928 and Dorothy Arzner directed Rosalind Russell in a 1936 film adaptation. Crawford isn't bad in this at all though the tendency to overact can't be restrained. The film itself remains a solid entertainment even if it follows a predictable path. Directed by Vincent Sherman. With Lucile Watson, Allyn Joslyn, William Bishop, Ellen Corby and K.T. Stevens.

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