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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mohawk (1956)

A Boston artist (Scott Brady) is on commission from a Massachusetts society to paint landscapes of the as yet unsettled upper New York State where the Iroquois Indians reside. When his fiancee (Lori Nelson) arrives unannounced, she finds that he isn't ready to settle down ..... at least with her. This "B" western is bright and colorful and benefits from the lush Pathecolor cinematography of Oscar winning Karl Struss (Murnau's SUNRISE) even though much of the film has a stage bound look to it. Directed by Kurt Neumann (THE FLY), the film heavily borrows footage from the 1939 DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK to give it a more impressive (as in bigger budget look). In the end, it's your standard settlers vs. the Indians western (even though it takes place in New York state) but it's innocuous entertainment. With Rita Gam as the Indian maiden who steals Brady's heart, Neville Brand, Allison Hayes, Rhys Williams, Ted De Corsia, John Hoyt, Mae Clarke, John Hudson and Barbara Jo Allen.

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