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Friday, June 12, 2015

Swamp Women (1956)

A policewoman (Carole Mathews) goes undercover to a Louisiana prison and plots an escape with three other prisoners (Marie Windsor, Beverly Garland, Jil Jarmyn) who were wives of a gang that stole over $200,000 worth of diamonds. But once they escape, they must survive the treacherous bayou swamps. Along the way, they grab two hostages (Mike Connors, Susan Cummings). This early Roger Corman low budget effort has no pretensions, it's an exploitation film, pure and simple. Nobody plays tough broads better than Windsor and Garland and they snarl, punch, scratch, bully, kick and shoot all the while running through the bayou in denim hot pants (though I believe they were just called short shorts back then)! There are a couple of alligators in the movie but they're no match for these tough broads. The transfer I watched was terrible. Pan and scan, jump cuts, scratches, color so faded that some of the scenes looked B&W but it only added to the cheesy drive-in entertainment factor. With Ed Nelson and Jonathan Haze. 

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