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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Come Fly With Me (1963)

Three stewardesses (as they were called back in the 1960s) who have the New York to Paris run find themselves attracted to three different men: Dolores Hart has her eye on a titled Austrian aristocrat (Karlheinz Bohm), Pamela Tiffin sets her cap for an airline pilot (Hugh O'Brian) and Lois Nettleton falls for a Texas widower (Karl Malden). Based on the novel GIRL ON A WING by Bernard Glemser and directed by Henry Levin (WHERE THE BOYS ARE). The three girls hunting for a husband scenario is hardly original and goes back to the 1930s. Perhaps the more notable examples are HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE (1953) and THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN (1954). This one doesn't add anything fresh to the mix. Fortunately, the actresses are appealing and we do get to see a bit of Paris and Vienna but it's the cinematic equivalent of cotton candy, sweet and airy but unsubstantial. You either have a taste for this kind of movie confection or you don't. With Dawn Addams, Lois Maxwell, George Coulouris and Ferdy Mayne.   

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