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Friday, November 10, 2017

Wonder Wheel (2017)

Set in early 1950s Coney Island, an unhappily married woman (Kate Winslet) is having an affair with a lifeguard (Justin Timberlake). But when her 25 year old stepdaughter (Juno Temple) runs away from her gangster husband and moves in with her estranged father (Jim Belushi) and stepmother, tensions reach a boiling point. Woody Allen's latest is one of his dramas rather than one of his comedies and although there is humor in the film, it plays out like a Tennessee Williams play written in the 1950s. Allen writes great roles for women and here, Winslet delivers a powerhouse performance as an emotionally unraveling boardwalk Blanche Du Bois while Juno Temple gives a lovely performance as a young woman attempting to get her life back on track after a horrendous mistake without realizing that she's a match that will set her father's household on fire. Fire is a theme here as Winslet's young son (Jack Gore) is a pyromaniac. Awesome cinematography by the great Vittorio Storaro. It's not the strongest of Allen's recent films but it's far better than the overrated BLUE JASMINE and the performances are terrific. With Steve Schirrpa, Debi Mazar and David Krumholtz.   

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