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Friday, November 10, 2017

Son Of Paleface (1952)

A recent Harvard graduate (Bob Hope) heads out West to claim his inheritance from his deceased father. But when he arrives, he discovers an empty chest in the bank's vault and a crowd of his father's creditors demanding payment. Meanwhile, a woman bandit (Jane Russell) and her gang have been ravaging the countryside robbing stagecoaches. A federal agent (Roy Rogers) is hot on her trail. Directed by Frank Tashlin (THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT), this is a sequel of the popular 1948 comedy western THE PALEFACE which also starred Hope and Russell. Tashlin didn't direct that one and this improves on it (though the 1948 film was quite amusing). Tashlin's experience as an animator for Disney and Warner cartoons is on full display here as he turns this into a veritable live action cartoon. Hope is in peak form here with Roy Rogers playing straight man and even his horse Trigger gets into the act. A scene with Trigger and Hope in bed fighting over the bed covers is priceless! Hope and Russell reprise the Oscar winning hit song Buttons And Bows from THE PALEFACE with a little assistance from Rogers. With Bill Williams, Lloyd Corrigan, Douglass Dumbrille and Jean Willes.  

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